About us

A group of talented professionals

ADC Group Srl is an historic Milanese dubbing company made up of actors and directors specialized in the crafts of theater, television and cinema, who have joined their expertise and skills to form a unique group of professionals working with great passion to always achieve the best artistic and technical result.


Mr. Spock (Silvano Piccardi) – Captain Kirk (Natale Ciravolo) – Dr. Mc Coy (Raffaele Fallica)

A little bit of history

Cooperativa ADC (Attori Doppiatori Cinematografici) was created in Milan in 1975, to meet the needs of emerging television networks such as Telemontecarlo, TV Koper Capodistria and, later on, Telemilano58 (which then became Fininvest), all setting out to broadcast foreign TV series.

Some great actors from the famous Piccolo Teatro di Milano – which was back then run by Paolo Grassi and Giorgio Strehler – soon joined the company. Since its very beginnings, ADC Group has dubbed many important TV series and an impressive number of movies and documentaries. Suffice it to say that its board of directors is formed by the very same actors who, in the 80s, lent their voices to the main characters of the worldwide known TV show “Star Trek”: Natale Ciravolo (Captain Kirk); Silvano Piccardi (Mr. Spock); Raffaele Fallica (Dr. McCoy).

Over the years, the group has continued to renew itself and has been joined by new talents. In 2002 it was turned into an Ltd. company, and now counts among its associates also technicians and members of the administrative staff.

The “Control Room” of the Directing Booth

The Board of Directors of ADC Group


Consigliere,gran Sacerdotee Maestro varietatis.

Silvano Piccardi


Consigliere presidente,Ministro degli esterie Maestro delle danze.

Raffaele Fallica


Consigliere,Capitano stellaree Maestro d’ascia.

Natale Ciravolo


Actor, stage and radio director and playwright, dubbing director.

When he was 10, he made his TV debut on the Italian national broadcasting company, RAI, and later performed with the most acclaimed Italian actors, directors, and theatre companies (e.g. Italian actors Luigi Cimara’s and Ernesto Calindri’s theatre companies, “Compagnia dei giovani”, “Piccolo Teatro della Città di Milano”, etc.).

During the early 1970s, he was part of Collettivo Teatrale la Comune, and performed in acclaimed Italian actor Dario Fo’s theatre shows, besides staging various theatre productions as a playwright, director, and actor. He was then part of Gruppo della Rocca, and later of Cooperativa Teatro Stabile di produzione privata Filodrammatici in Milan, which he staged several productions with as a director.

He also directed shows that were performed in Italian and international festivals (e.g. “Festival dei due mondi” in Spoleto, “Festival Asti Teatro” in Asti, “Theater der Nationen” at the Schauspielhaus in Zürich, “Centenario verdiano” in Ho Chi Minh City, etc.).

Over the last few years, he has directed acclaimed Italian actress Ottavia Piccolo in Buenos Aires non finisce mai”, “Terra di latte e miele (which he co-wrote with Manuela Dviri Vitali Norsa), and Donna non rieducabile, memorandum su Anna Politkovskaja” by Stefano Massini, a play that earned him the Franco Enriquez Award for Best Director in 2011.

Besides working as a dubber – he provided the Italian voice for Mr. Spock in the legendary Star Trek” TV series –, for about 30 years now he has worked as a dubbing director on numerous TV series, as well as feature films, among which: Inquietudine” (Inquiétude”) and Parole e utopia (Palavra e Utopia”) by Manoel De Oliveira; “Alba nuova” (Peau neuve”) by Emilie Deleuze; “Periferia Nord” (Nordrand”) by Barbara Albert; Splendidi amori (“Splendor”) by Gregg Araki; Trick by Jim Fall; Camminando sull’acqua” (Walk on Water”) by Eytan Fox; “Acque silenziose (“Khamosh Pani: Silent Waters”) by Sabiha Sumar; Taxiphone” (“Taxiphone: El Mektoub”) by Algerian-Swiss director Mohammed Soudani; as well as the more recent Giraffada” (“Girafada”) by Palestinian director Rani Massalha, and the TV series New Tricks broadcast in Italy by La7.


In the 1970s, he trained as an actor under Paolo Grassi and Giorgio Strehler at Accademia “Piccolo Teatro” of Milan, and debuted at “Piccolo Teatro” of Milan. In the following years, he performed in several theatre productions, TV series, short films, and feature films.

During his acting career, he has met some of the greatest Italian actors and directors, such as Dario Fo, Sandro Bolchi, Silverio Blasi, Flaminio Bollini, Davide Ferrario, Gabriele Salvatores, as well as many others who, despite being maybe less famous, have made a valuable contribution to his acting.

He began his dubbing career in the 1980s, and since then he has worked both as an actor and a dubber, successfully engaging in both activities even during the years when he regularly played the role of the caretaker in the Italian TV series “Casa Vianello alongside two Italian beloved actors, Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello.

He provided the Italian voice for dozens of actors in several feature films and TV series, e.g. for Bruno Ganz in Vitus and Stanley Tucci in Joe Gould’s Secret, just to name a few.


Dubbing director and teacher.

He strongly believes in the profession of the actor–dubber, so much so that he decided to undertake the ADC Group project, which gathers several actors-dubbers.

He attended Accademia d’Arte Drammatica in Milan, where he graduated in 1968.

He has worked as a theatre actor with internationally-acclaimed directors for 35 years now. He has performed in over 50 theatre productions, most of which with Compagnia Stabile Teatro Filodrammatici of Milan.

He provided the Italian voice for Captain Kirk in the legendary Star Trek” TV series, Tom Selleck in the iconic TV series “Magnum P.I.”, and many others.

He works extensively as a speaker in TV and radio commercials, and as an actor in feature films and TV movies.

He also actively performs in TV series and radio dramas broadcast by Italian broadcasting companies RAI and Mediaset.

The Administrator


Dirigente, Ministro delle finanzee occhiglauca Maestra di prospettiva.

Daniela Larghi Verdino

Administration Manager

Administration manager.

In 2011, she received the Anica Lifetime Achievement Award for her long-standing experience in ADC.

The group’s “engine”

The ADC Group Staff

1. Paolo Verdino (organization & planning)  |  2. Paolo Tiboni (sound engineer)  |  3. Luca Cornalba (sound engineer)
4. Manuel Giammaria (sound engineer)  |  5. Davide Fusato (video editing)
6. Miriam Virgenti (organization & planning supervisor)  |  7. Gianmarco Celia (project manager)