ADC Group Srl, gruppo storico del doppiaggio milanese, è costituito da attori e registi professionisti in campo teatrale e cinetelevisivo.
ADC Group, doppiaggio, sincronizzazione, mix, authoring video, editing audio, titolazioni
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Highest standards guaranteed

Over thirty years of experience

Thanks to its indisputable professionalism, achieved in over 30 years of experience in the dubbing field, ADC Group is able to provide services that are perfectly tuned in with the requirements of an increasingly demanding market, and to guarantee accuracy, punctuality and a good price/quality ratio.

The dubbing direction

Dubbing direction is a crucial part of our work, and it is performed exclusively by experienced and skilled directors, whom we choose, each time, according to their capability of getting in tune with the particular type of project at hand.

While dubbers must be able to accurately replicate another actor’s interpretation, dubbing directors must know how to guide them, in order to reproduce as accurately the intention of the director of the original movie.

The actor – voice talent

It takes an actor to recognize and replicate another actor’s feelings. Even though they speak different languages and bear different cultures, they both communicate using a universal code, through which emotions are conveyed. That is why, when casting a voice, a good dubbing director will always choose a professional dubber who not only shares a similar timbre with the original actor, but also has the right “personality” for that particular role.

In any case, before proceeding with the dubbing of a project, both the script adaptation and the voice casting will be submitted to the client for approval.

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